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The Sights and Voices of Dispossession: The Fight for the Land and the Emerging Culture of the MST (The Movement of the Landless Rural Workers of Brazil)


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3rd National Congress of the MST

‘Took place in Brasilia, July 24-27, 1995, with more than five thousand delegates from every state in Brazil taking part. During the conference, in addition to studies and debates, there were several demonstrations and protests: in front of the American Embassy, at the INCRA, at the National Congress and the President’s residence. The political slogan was announced: "Reforma Agrária uma Luta de Todos" [Agrarian Reform is Everyone’s Struggle]’ (Calendário Histórico dos Trabalhadores. São Paulo: MST, Setor de Educação. 3a. edição,1999, p. 56).


November 2002

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