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The Sights and Voices of Dispossession: The Fight for the Land and the Emerging Culture of the MST (The Movement of the Landless Rural Workers of Brazil)


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Bernardo Manšano Fernandes


Bibliography: Introduction

This bibliography is partial. No matter how extensive the research has been, we have been indeed unable to gather all the publications on the MST. However, we highlight that this is an important resource for those interested in knowing what is available on the MST.

All these publications can be found mainly in the Centro de Documentação do MST Centre For Documentation on the MST (1), in the library of the School of Science and Technology of UNESP, Presidente Prudente campus (2), in the ITERRA (Instituto Técnico de Capacitação e Pesquisa da Reforma Agrária/ Institute for the Training and Research on Agrarian Reform) (3) and in the respective institutions where the monographs, dissertations and theses were produced.

To those researching on the MST, we request the favour of sending copies of their contributions to the Centre for Documentation on the MST, thereby contributing to its updating.

This survey was carried out by researchers  of the NERA - Núcleo de Estudos, Pesquisas e Projetos de Reforma Agrária/ Nucleus for Studies, Research and Projects on Agrarian Reform-Unesp, Presidente Prudente campus (4).


1 The archive of the Centro de Documentação do MST is located in the CEDEM - Centro de Documentação e Memória -Unesp. Praça da Sé, 108. São Paulo - SP. - Telephone 00 55 11 - 252-0510.

2 Rua Roberto Simonsen, 305 - Presidente Prudente - SP. - Telephone 00 55 18 - 229 - 5388.

3 Rua Dr. José Montaury, 181. Veranópolis - RS. - telephone 00 55 54 - 441 - 1755.



November 2002

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